Still Kicking: Elizabeth Taylor Fires Back
May 31, 2006

The legendary Liz Taylor stepped out of seclusion and shot straight from the lip Tuesday night, firing away at the shocking headlines surrounding her health.

The animated and feisty 74-year-old star made a rare public appearance, as she agreed to sit down with Larry King for her first interview in three years.

"I was pronounced dead four times," Liz revealed, also refuting a report in the National Enquirer that has the screen idol on her death bed. "Oh, come on," she said. "Do I look like I'm dying?"

Instead, the Hollywood icon claims she's a victim of tabloid frenzy, stating rumors have swirled "'Cause they have nothing else dirty to write about anybody else."

The newest circulating rumor is the Enquirer's splashy front page spread that proclaims Taylor suffers from Alzheimer's. "Do I look like or sound like I have Alzheimer's?" she asked Larry.

While the three-time Academy Award winner is at the center of Tinseltown's hot talk, she said that her "friends," whom the National Enquirer claim to have gathered their information from, would never say anything about her.

"Do you think any friends of mine would say things like that?" she asked, to which Larry asked if perhaps it was one of her enemies. Her response: "I don't believe I have enemies."

Instead, Liz talked about friends, more specifically Michael Jackson. The actress revealed she doesn't believe he will ever return to the U.S., adding, "Why should he, he's been treated like dirt here."

The starlet also talked about her touching death-bed vigil with Rock Hudson. "He seemed very peaceful," she revealed. "And he kind of went to sleep."

Liz also revealed that Richard Burton was her soul mate. And to this day, she still wears the breathtaking, 33-carat ring he gave her.

Now Elizabeth, who has always been known for her gorgeous and rare jewels, is unveiling a new line of jewelry. "I've always had a passion for jewelry," she admitted.

It looks like diamonds are still a girl's best friend, as Liz proves to the world she's far from gone.


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