Inside Katie Couric's Final Morning on 'Today'
May 31, 2006

The first tear rolled down Katie Couric's cheek 42 minutes into Wednesday's "Today" show. The last tear marked the end of the anchor woman's historic time on NBC.

As Couric said goodbye to the TV institution she has captained for 15 years, she also took time to share her thoughts with "Extra."

"Everyone's been asking, 'Are you going to get emotional?'" Katie told our Dayna Devon. "And I'm like, 'God, the pressure.'"

"I leave this morning not with a heavy heart at all," Couric told her viewers and colleagues. "I mean sadness because of how much I'm going to miss you all, but with a very full heart filled with love and memories and yes, gratitude. So thank you all so much."

Couric told "Extra" she is most thankful for "all the good friends I have on the show." She added, "I've had some very intensely personal, poignant, profound moments with people here. Those are the memories that last a lifetime."

Katie also took us on a walk down memory lane, starting at the beginning. "I had a great time doing this show with Bryant [Gumbel]," Couric told us. "I was brand new, and I was a nervous wreck. During the Gumbel period, actually I was a little more subdued."

Well, that sure changed when Matt Lauer came onboard in 1997. "I really enjoy Matt's sense of humor," Couric said. "He's very funny. He's very quick. As every year has gone by, I've gotten increasingly relaxed. So relaxed sometimes I'm like, 'Did I say that out loud?'"

And from past to present, we hear Katie's first order of business is a much-deserved summer vacation, a girls' getaway and of course, she's looking forward to sleeping in and cooking scrambled eggs for her two daughters.

Then it will be time to make history as the first woman to solo the "Evening News." "I didn't realize that this was going to be quite the 'I am woman' moment that it's turned out to be," Couric admitted. "That is so exciting and gratifying and yet terrifying because I don't want to be a disappointment to all of womankind, seriously."

Don't worry Katie, we have faith in you! And thanks for all the wonderful memories!


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