Lick Away Weight with Power Pops
May 30, 2006

They're sweet, they're tasty and they come in 12 yummy flavors. And the best part is they can help you lose weight!

No, it's not too good to be true; it's the new Power Pop, Hollywood's latest secret to staying thin. The key ingredient in this little lollipop is Hoodia, which could have you losing weight in no time.

"60 Minutes" started the Hoodia craze with a story about South African bush men who suck on the plant to curb hunger.

Even Leslie Stahl was convinced, promising, "I was never hungry all day."

After that, Hoodia mania exploded, from newspapers to Oprah's magazine to the "Today" show, where they promised, "Eat it and you won't want to eat anything else."

There is only one little problem -- Hoodia doesn't grow in the United States.

But Michael Wenninger, co-owner of a nutrition company, has now licked that problem away with Power Pops! "It's a natural lollipop that gives people energy and makes them lose weight," he revealed.

According to Michael, Hoodia enters the bloodstream and is the key to suppressing appetite. Wenninger explained that the critical difference between the Power Pops and other Hoodia products is "the South Africans never ground it up and made pills or caplets or tablets out of it. We have the only form of Hoodia the way the South Africans take it. By sucking it; that's why it's so effective."

With only 28 calories, 4 carbs and a rainbow of colors, the Power Pop is a sweet way to lose weight!

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