Why You'll Be Hitting the Cineplex All Summer Long
May 29, 2006

The temperature is rising, which means it's time to head indoors because a multitude of cool summer movies are about to take over your summer time blues!

The box-office fun has already begun! This weekend, "X-Men: The Last Stand" lands in theaters. But what about those other summer flicks with smaller budgets and big buzz?

"Extra's" Jerry Penacoli scooped us up a cool serving of summertime movie bliss.

Julia Stiles and Liev Schreiber are dealing with a devil of a child in "The Omen." The film is scheduled for release on 6.6.06 -- try not to be too spooked!

In "The Lady in the Water," Paul Giamatti finds out something's not right. And Samuel L. Jackson's "Snakes on a Plane," whose preview is only available on tagworld.com, will be sure to make your skin crawl!

Owen Wilson is the houseguest from hell, when he invades Matt Dillon's and Kate Hudson's honeymoon haven in the comedy, "You, Me and Dupree." Many speculate this film could have the same magnitude of popularity as last summer's hit "Wedding Crashers."

If a little summertime romance is what you're after, look no further than "The Lake House." The flick stars former co-stars Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves for a quirky, lovable romance.

Keanu is also getting animated this summer in "A Scanner Darkly" with Robert Downey Jr. And check this out -- then entire adaptation of Philip K. Dick's sci-fi novel was shot as a live-action movie, then it was animated.

"The Ant Bully" is animated with a capital "A" as in A-listers, with the voices of Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Nicolas Cage lending their voices to the family film.


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