Heather Mills McCartney Fires Back at Rumors
May 29, 2006

For the first time, "eExtra"e has Heather Mills McCartney's side to the billion-dollar breakup. From her hard life before she married Paul to her lost modeling tapes, Heather is slamming her critics and taking on vicious rumors about her breakup with Paul.

On her website, Heather's sister refutes suggestions that Heather is a gold digger, saying, "eThis is an extraordinary accusation. This is also an insult to Paul, suggesting he has no other value than his wealth, and he is not wise enough to choose a wife that loves him for him."e

Paul is also quoted on the website denying rumors that his kids hated Heather. "eWe got on great, and anyone who knows our family knows this for themselves,"e Paul wrote.

But People magazine's Galina Espinoza told "eExtra"e that there's an untold story behind the Beatle bride that rivals these sensational tabloid tales.

"eHeather has certainly taken a beating in the press,"e Espinoza said. "eShe was actually homeless for a period during her teenage years. She later went on to become a lingerie model."e

Heather certainly knew how to strike a pose, continuing to model even after losing her leg in a motorcycle crash.

She later met Paul at a charity event for the disabled. "eExtra"e caught up with the couple in London in 1999. At the time, both denied they were dating. "eWe're friends, and that's it,"e Heather had said.

Once the news of Heather and Paul's breakup spread, Heather suffered another tabloid-soaked slam from her onetime fiancé Chris Terrill.

"eHe just ran an open letter in a British newspaper,"e Espinoza revealed. "eIn fact, he said that both he and Paul had been ‘Heathered.'"e

It was never easy for Heather to live in the shadow of Paul's great love, Linda McCartney, or Sir Paul's fame.

"eShe worked so hard to establish her own identity,"e Espinoza said. "eAnd to be this outspoken advocate, and all people think about her is as Paul McCartney's wife."e

Now Heather hopes to forge ahead and continue her greatest mission in life, as she once told "eExtra,"e "eYou're going to die one day, and you want to leave something behind."e


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