Seeing Double: When Star Styles Clash
May 29, 2006

The only thing worse than seeing your fashion double is when your rival wears it better! Us Weekly's fashion expert Katrina Szish told "Extra" what happens when star styles collide.

"Someone will always look better," Katrina said.

Now Us Weekly is letting you be the judge!

The first battle of the babes is between Jennifer Lopez and Victoria's Secret angel, Gisele Bundchen, who both graced the red carpet in a J LO Sweetface brand dress.

Katrina revealed that the dress is not necessarily the focal point. "We know that Gisele and J LO have completely opposite body types, but what really made these looks different were the hair styles," she explained.

According to Us Weekly's readers, it was Giselle who tipped the scale at 60 percent, rocking the dress and hair a bit better than Ms. Lopez.

In round two, it's songbird Mariah Carey vs. the versatile Uma Thurman.

Both women were spotted sporting the same white brocade Louis Vuitton coat with a Peter Pan collar, but they each wore it in a very different way.

Seventy-one percent of fans agreed that Uma's casual interpretation trumped Mariah's buttoned up and belted version.

In the final battle, teen queen Lindsay Lohan faces off with model Karolina Kurkova, who both looked dazzling in the same strapless white stunner.

But it was Karolina who had a long leg up on Lindsay. Seventy-four percent picked the supermodel's sleek style over Lindsay's.

Although they are all stunners in these gorgeous confections, there had to be an answer to who wore it best! And thanks to Us Weekly magazine, you too can play fashion police to the stars!




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