Taylor Hicks on Mad Dash through Hollywood
May 26, 2006

America crowned him the newest "American Idol" Wednesday night, so what has Taylor Hicks been doing since his big night?

"I've been doing press for about 15 hours straight," Hicks admitted, adding that he's slept, "None, zero. I'm just running on ‘Soul' adrenaline."

Instead of sleep, Taylor has embarked on a parade of talk show tours. He taped an upcoming appearance on "Ellen," which will air on June 2nd.

He also appeared on Leno, where Taylor revealed how fate drove him from serious tragedy to "Idol" victory.

"Sunday night before Katrina hit, I was one of the last taxi cabs out of New Orleans," Hicks revealed. "I took a plane flight to Las Vegas, and here I am."

Jay also gave Taylor the chance to finally turn the tables on his toughest critics, starting with Randy. "Great musician," Hicks responded.

Next up was Paula. "She's up and down," Taylor said. "[Like the] new ride at Six Flags. She's crying one minute and joyful the next."

So what does the new "American Idol" think of Mr. Mean Simon Cowell? "He's a good guy," Taylor said. "I got to shake hands with him last night."

Outside of the NBC studios, Jay joked about sharing the gray anatomy with Taylor. "I think he has the best hair," Leno said. "Everything he does is who he is and reflects who he is. I think that's kind of fun."

"Extra" also had a little fun with Taylor, discovering one singer he wants to meet: Van Morrison. Hicks also revealed that Aretha Franklin is the one person he wants to record with.

So now that he's won "American Idol," what's the one thing Taylor Hicks wants to do now? "Sleep," he admitted.


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