Stars Large and Small Unite at ‘Idol' Finale
May 25, 2006

It was "American Idol's" biggest night ever. More than 43 million people watched as Taylor Hicks was crowned the new "Idol," and the audience was as jam-packed with stars as ever.

A newly single Heather Locklear chatted with Ben Stiller. The original purple jacket man, Prince, brought down the house with a surprise performance. And Clay Aiken shocked the world with his new do.

One by one, the cream of the music crop shared the stage with "Idol" faces from the past and present.

Over on the "Idol" red carpet, David Boreanaz groomed his 4-year-old son Jaden to be an "Extra" reporter! And Chris Daughtry and wife Deanna did the same thing, taking over the "Extra" mic to interview each other.

"I can't ever make a decision without Deanna," Chris admitted.

Just moments after Ryan Seacrest announced Taylor Hicks the winner, the new "American Idol" came straight to "Extra."

"I did not want the jinx factor working last night," he admitted. "So I was pretty nervous today."

"Let me tell you, his gray hair won him a lot of votes," Simon said of Taylor.

But don't cry for Katharine McPhee just yet. "I feel great," she told "Extra." "I really do. I feel like there's going to be so many great things that are going to come up for me."

Katharine also broke this big news: "Steven Spielberg would like to have a meeting with me. That for me, I think was the thing that really made this last week calming for me. I was just like, ‘Wow, Steven Spielberg would like to have a meeting with me.'"

"I think that that was the moment where I turned to a couple of my close friends who have been through this competition, and I was like, ‘I don't know if winning is the best thing for me,'" Katharine added.


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