Great White Frontman Gets Great New Look
May 24, 2006

The lead singer of the 80s metal band, Great White, is rewarding himself after a difficult three years.

Jack Russell's life unraveled when a Rhode Island nightclub caught on fire during a Great White concert, leaving more than 100 people dead, including the band's drummer.

The 45-year-old rocker has since struggled with addiction, but is now 9 months clean and sober and ready for a fresh start. "My drinking really, really started getting really bad after that," he confessed.

But now it seems that things are on the up and up for the singer. "I'm feeling so good inside," Russell said. "The look in the mirror just doesn't represent how I feel inside, so I thought it was time for a change."

Jack went for a big change on the inside as well as the outside. After living a troubled life, it began to show on his face. "It's the turkey thing," he admitted. "I hate that. Jowls, not a good thing, doube eyelids."

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Nicholas Nikolov, came to Jack's rescue and recommended a full facelift, a procedure he said more and more men are having. "Performing a facelift on a man is a little bit different than performing this procedure on a woman," he continued. "First, we definitely do not want to have a done look, and second, we want to maintain the masculinity while still improving the face."

Four weeks after the surgery, the results were undeniable. Jack got the subtle, not overdone look he wanted. His eyes appear refreshed, jowls are gone and no more turkey neck! "Most of my friends are like, 'Have you lost weight?' 'Yeah, about 10 pounds in the face,'" he joked.

Now Jack can put his best face forward for his newly released solo album, "For You."

Great White celebrates their 25th anniversary next year.

For more info on Dr. Nikolov, click here or call (310) 247-1932.
Click here to buy Jack Russellís new album
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