Jen and Vince Go Public with ‘The Break-Up'
May 23, 2006

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn finally went public Monday night at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Break-Up."

Jen arrived first in a skin-tight Stella McCartney stunner. The former "Friend" was all smiles as she greeted dozens of screaming fans before saying hello to "Extra's" Dayna Devon.

Of Jen's enormous welcome, Dayna said, "I thought the pope had arrived from the sound of the crowd." "Is he here?" Jen joked back.

Less than five minutes later, vicarious Vince followed, prompting the fan fare to go wild once again. But while it was a big night out for Hollywood's favorite couple, Jen and Vince were careful to keep their distance on the red carpet.

Vince came straight to the premiere from taping "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." So who does he like better -- David Letterman or Jay? "Oh, they both went great," Vaughn said. "They're just doing their jobs. I had fun with it."

Fun is an understatement, as Vince dodged Jay's comedic relationship bullets. "Was that the first time you had seen her naked?" Jay inquired to Vince about Jen's sexy nude scene in the film. "I dig where you're coming from," Vince responded. "I like the way you're handling this."

While numerous entertainment sources have predicted "The Break-Up" to be the biggest summer date movie, Vince revealed he's never been too good at the dating thing. "I was never big on going on dates," he admitted. "I would usually say to someone, ‘Let's meet out somewhere.' And then if we got along, great, if not we could go our separate ways."

Jen, however, remembers a date she wishes she could forget. "I did have a date where I was wearing a white dress and the guy bit into a cherry tomato," she recalled. "It was a mess. I just kind of shut it down from that moment on."

Lots of famous faces turned out for Jen and Vince's big night, including "Dancing with the Stars" darling Stacy Keibler, whose boyfriend Geoff Stults is also in "The Break-Up."

It was the dancing diva's first night on the town since she was rushed to the hospital last week after having a seizure. "It was kind of a fluke thing that happened," Stacy said. "I'm fine right now."

"It was scary," Stults added.

But don't worry anymore, as Stacy, Geoff, Jen and Vince can finally celebrate the long-awaited theatrical release of "The Break-Up."

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