The Skinny Jean: Denim on a Diet
May 22, 2006

From Sienna Miller to Gwyneth Paltrow and every Hollywood hottie in between, the latest fashion obsession in Tinseltown is all about the skinny jeans!

Skin tight denim is quickly filling the closets of every celebrity fashionista, and "Extra" caught up with Carrie Ann Inaba, the sassy judge from "Dancing with the Stars," to get the skinny on the latest style craze.

Carrie Ann and the creators of Hollywood's hottest jeans, J Brand, joined us at Ron Herman in Beverly Hills. Jeff Rudes and Susie Crippen are the brains behind J Brand jeans, which hug you from your hips to your ankles for a sexy painted-on look. "Skinny just means at the bottom," they explained.

So what is the ankle measurement to be sure you are achieving the ultimate skinny look? It's a "10 inch leg opening," the dynamic duo said.

Although the jeans are skin tight, the good news is they're made of comfy stretch denim. "It starts with being sophisticated, classic," Carrie Ann said.

But you don't have to be a waif to get sucked into this revealing style. "If you've got a bum, you can still wear them," she revealed. "Look ladies, no excess hanging over. Ladies, there's no muffin top."

And the best part is that you can dress skinny jeans up or down! Actress Rachel Miner looks fabulous in stripes and a great pair of heels, and then she transforms it into a more casual look by substituting sneakers.

Super slim and super sexy skinny jeans are definitely the look of the moment!




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