Fireworks Fly between Jen and Vince
May 19, 2006

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn may be breaking up on the big screen, but in real life they are burning up for one another.

Only "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli got the details from the couple, who joked affectionately with one another as they sat down to talk about breaking up and making up.

On the set of their new romantic comedy "The Break-Up," sparks flew and romance blossomed between the two. "We just met and had it instantly," Jen revealed. "I felt really safe with him. I immediately felt comfortable and like I'd known him for a while, so that helped with our chemistry in the movie."

Off screen, Jen and Vince's love might be burning, but on screen it's a completely different story!

The film chronicles a couple's messy breakup. "The little things they used to like or find charming on the other person are now at a point where it's annoying each other," Vince explained.

Jen said there was something special and even familiar about the fight scenes: "The way we would volley together. You don't get that all the time. You really don't. And we always felt we were pretty much in sync."

The film shows Jen and Vince together, everywhere from the dining table to the shower, and even inside the bedroom. "It goes deep into the deterioration of a relationship," Jen revealed.

Although in the movie there is backstabbing and questions of fidelity, off screen Jen and Vince are reportedly still going strong as they prepare for their movie debut together.

"The Break-up" romances movie-goers nationwide June 2.

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