Decoding 'Da Vinci' at the Cannes Film Festival
May 18, 2006

"Extra" was with the stars of the most anticipated movie on the planet, when "The Da Vinci Code" finally opened in Cannes, France.

One of the stars, Sir Ian McKellen, revealed to "Extra," "If you don't know about 'The Da Vinci Code,' you don't know what's going on."

The film's director, Ron Howard, was brimming with excitement in Cannes, and he's staying upbeat amidst beatings from critics. "You know you're walking into a situation where things are very critical," Howard said.

But critical is an understatement. Howard and company have found themselves caught at the center of a brand new controversy, as stories of a "Da Vinci Code" disappointment swirled at Wednesday night's premiere. "It's not unusual for opening night movies for people to walk out, for people to even boo," Ron revealed.

"This is not a rubber stamp, pro forma, you're going to get a standing ovation kind of a thing," Howard continued. "And yet we did get a real ovation at the end of the movie. And that was very gratifying."

But Ron said he expected the obstacles from the very first minute he signed aboard the project, revealing, "I was frightened about it. I even had people suggest that I shouldn't do it; it was too hot to handle. It's one if the reasons I took it on."

You can take on the adventure firsthand when "The Da Vinci Code" explodes into theaters nationwide on Friday.

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