Britney Spears Accused of another Mommy Faux Pa
May 16, 2006

Everyone is talking about Britney Spears' latest baby car seat crisis. It seems Ms. Spears, decked out in curlers, was snapped driving in Malibu on Monday with Baby Sean Preston strapped in the back seat, allegedly facing the wrong way -- forward!

The latest Baby Gate for Brit comes just months after she made headlines for driving with Baby Sean unprotected on her lap.

But on Tuesday, Britney's publicist said Spears did nothing wrong this time around, telling "Extra," "There is no law in California requiring rear-facing car seats."

"Extra" has learned that while Mama Spears did not break the law, the California Highway Patrol does recommend that a child be in a rear-facing seat until the child is a year old and 20 pounds.

Will this latest baby bump cause a major rift between Brit and K-Fed? Either way, Britney has all the power.

In breaking pre-nup news in the new issue of Us Weekly magazine, Katrina Szish tells "Extra," if Britney and Kevin's sometimes-rocky relationship ever hits the skids, Kevin won't be able to touch her $32 million fortune! "A revised pre-nup that will give him $365,000 a year, depending on how long they are married," Szish revealed.

Us also reports that Britney has banned Kevin from smoking in the house. And when our Carlos Diaz caught up with Kevin in Las Vegas, K-Fed admitted that Britney does keep him in line. ""When I get wild over stuff, she says, ‘Sit back, think about it,'" he revealed.

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