Halle Berry: Flying High on Life, Love and Adventure
May 15, 2006

Halle Berry is about to fly back onto the big screen in the new "X-Men" movie. But the beautiful star confided to "Extra" that her love life is also flying high once again, thanks to her new model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry.

"I'm in a good space right now in my life, with all that, and looking really forward to the future," Halle revealed.

It's hard to believe that not long ago Halle swore off men completely after the collapse of her second marriage to Eric Benet. "You have wto go through that process, that's what healing is all about," Halle said. "You've got to hate men. You've got to man bash. Then you come back around. Now I love men!"

And the men love her too; especially those who happen to be chasing her with a camera. So what does the star make of the paparazzi feeding frenzy? "Pain in my a**," she admitted. "I hate that it's gotten so crazy because it's unsafe, it's dangerous, and I feel a bit like a caged animal. Like I don't have a right to have private moments and have a life."

But the craziness is all in a day's work for this sexy heroine. As Halle told "Extra," she had a few scary moments doing her own spectacular stunts in "X-Men: The Last Stand." "I didn't know I'd be projectile vomiting," she joked.

Halle also proved that acting isn't all sitting pretty for the cameras, as she and the cast got a little roughed up making the action-packed adventure. "Every once in a while the limbs got loose, we lost control, and a few times we punched each other," she revealed.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt. "The stunts, the fighting, you know your adrenalin gets going," Berry said. "That's what you sign up for and this time I really got to do it."

"X-Men: The Last Stand" storms into theaters May 26.

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