Ryan Seacrest Reunites with Old Flame
May 11, 2006

Is Seacrest in or out? Only “Extra” spotted the lovable “Idol” host arm in arm and looking cozy with his beautiful blonde ex-girlfriend, Shana Wall, in Beverly Hills Wednesday night.

After his Malibu lip lock with Teri Hatcher made waves across the world, Ryan Seacrest’s every move has set off a media alert.

But only “Extra” has the real scoop about Ryan and Shana’s affectionate reunion. Sources close to Seacrest told us they are not rekindling their romance. They are just friends, and Ryan is very much single!

Meanwhile, “Extra” has all-new breaking details surrounding Baby Brangelina. Sources reveal that Angelina Jolie is expected to give birth to Brad Pitt’s child the first week of June. We also found out that the stunning beauty is getting weekly sonograms.

In preparation for the new addition, Brangelina’s bodyguards are tightening up security around the world’s most famous mom.

However, amidst the baby excitement, Brad is leaving Angie’s side. Sources tell “Extra” that Daddy Brad is rumored to be in Paris and may attend the prestigious Cannes Film Festival later this month for the debut of his new film “Babel,” co-starring Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.

There are also new Brangelina wedding rumors from way of Namibia. Reportedly, Angelina wants a tribal wedding that will feature African tribal woman as part of the bridal party.

And finally, is Josh Duhamel preparing to leave bachelorhood for good as well? Only “Extra” dared to ask Josh's girlfriend, Black Eyed Pea's singer Fergie, if she and Josh are ready to ramp up their relationship. “I don’t know,” she said. “We’ll see.”

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