David Spade Takes Over 'Extra's' Set
May 11, 2006

He’s back! And celebrities: beware! David Spade came straight to “Extra” to get his wagging tongue warmed up for the kick off of season two of “The Showbiz Show with David Spade.” Check out what happened when he sat down with our Mark McGrath:

Mark McGrath: It seems like in the second season you’ve really hit your groove.

David Spade: Yeah, things have picked up this year, I don’t even know why.

MM: Dave, we both do celebrity news. Let me talk about some things that are going on today, and please comment on them.

DS: Okay.

MM: Britney's pregnant again.

DS: I heard that. K-Fed was celebrating at a strip club last night. He was excited. He’s up to four packs a day; he's so nervous about the baby.

MM: Baby Brangelina in Africa.

DS: You know, I saw a picture of Africa, and I thought it was like a hut. And then it’s the Four Seasons, and then they rented the whole thing. Is that really roughing it?

MM: So you know you’re in Us Weekly’s new dating poll versus Richie Sambora and Charlie Sheen. And I’ve got to say, David Spade won resoundingly.

DS: 64% of the vote? Oh, America is on drugs. I love it.

MM: So dude, what’s up with Heather?

DS: Heather’s great.

Watch Romeo Dave when the showbiz show jumps into its new timeslot at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.


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