Chris Daughtry Gets 'Idol' Boot and Offer of a Lifetime
May 11, 2006

Twenty-eight million jaws dropped to the floor Wednesday night as Chris Daughtry got voted off “American Idol.” But don’t think this rocker is down and out.

Only “Extra” broke big news about Chris that’s making headlines from Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to stations across the country.

“You have an offer to be the lead singer of a major band,” Ryan revealed to Chris Thursday morning on his hit radio show. “Theyre going to be on ‘Extra’ tonight, and they’re going to submit the formal offer for you.”

Thursday, Fuel bass player Jeff Abercrombie and songwriter/guitarist Carl Bell came straight to “Extra” with the offer of a lifetime -- they want Chris.

"Chris, if you are watching, we've talked about this before, and if you want to entertain it again we'll take it and go," Abercrombie offered.

Chris’ rendition of Fuel’s “Hemorrhage” was his first groundbreaking “Idol” performance. The band, which has been searching for a lead singer, saw Chris’ performance and they want him in the band.

Well Chris, it’s up to you, but first “Extra” has another “Idol” exclusive. Our Terri Seymour was with Ryan and Randy for LA’s FOX 11 just moments after Chris’ shocking send off.

"Obviously, it wasn't based on singing tonight because the wrong person went home," Randy admitted. "Catherine probably should have gone home tonight."

It’s down to the final three, and Simon came to “Extra” telling us now there are no favorites. “The funny thing about this show is when someone goes, you never know where their votes are going to go,” Simon confessed. “I genuinely don't know who is going to win.”


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