Teen Queen Lindsay Lohan Gets Lucky
May 10, 2006

Lindsay Lohan tested her luck Tuesday night at the premiere of her new movie "Just My Luck."

The film is quite a milestone for the teen queen. "This is my first romantic comedy, it kind of a nice segue way into more mature roles," Lohan revealed.

In her new film, Lohan shares a red-hot onscreen lip lock with young heartthrob Chris Pine.

Pine revealed to "Extra" that his onscreen smooch was definitely sizzling. "She's got great lips," he confessed. "Very soft lips."

And Lindsay isn't afraid to kiss and tell either. "It's awkward," she admitted. "But when I used to think about it, I used to be ‘Eww, gross. I can't believe they have to do that around other people.' But it's acting."

It looks like the one-time child star is all grown up! "Just My Luck" hits theaters Friday.

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