Howie Mandel: The ‘Deal' of a Lifetime
May 8, 2006

Howie Mandel has become a TV star and household name all over again. But this time he's the host of NBC's hit primetime game show, "Deal or No Deal."

When we caught up with Howie at the NBC season preview, he was clamoring to answer "Extra's" own million dollar question: how on earth does he remember the names of those 26 beautiful assistants?

"I actually don't remember any of their names," Howie revealed. "I just say names and they have been instructed not to correct me."

All joking aside, the funnyman admitted, "It's easy. They stand in the exact same formation every day."

Howie's angels told "Extra" they are more than just pretty faces. "We are all very intelligent, strong beautiful woman that can do tons of things besides opening a case and smiling."

And scoring this "Deal" meant big bucks for the former standup comic, talk show host and "St. Elsewhere" star, who admitted that he actually had to be talked into the job. "They were giving me all the things I enjoyed in different incarnations of my career all in one venue," he revealed.

Catch the hottest "Deal" in primetime, every week on NBC.

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