Dead Woman Talking: Michelle Rodriguez on Leaving 'Lost'
May 5, 2006

“Lost” fans everywhere are still reeling from the shocking death of Ana Lucia Cortez, who is played by Michelle Rodriguez.

Michael killed off Michelle’s tough-girl character this week, and coincidentally, it happened just days after the actress served time in a Hawaii jail for drunk driving. But Rodriguez told us her exit from “Lost” had nothing to do with her off-screen troubles.

“I knew signing on to the deal that was actually the plan,” Michelle said. “I’m a gypsy. I have to move around. I can’t stay in the same place.”

Michelle chose to serve five days in jail rather than community service because she wanted to get on with her life. “I was learning how to make dice out of soap,” Rodriguez said of her jail time.

Rodriguez now plans to go back to making movies, and she revealed she’s developing a Latina superhero character who is part tigress.

As for her “Lost” co-star Cynthia Watros, who was also arrested for drunk driving on the same day as Michelle and whose character Libby was also shot this week, Rodriguez gave us this hint about her fate: “Maybe she's not dead yet.”

Leave it to the stars of “Lost” to always keep us hanging on for more!

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