Charlie-Denise Divorce Drama Continues
May 5, 2006

A new reports claims Charlie Sheen’s parents, Martin and Janet, are devastated that Denise Richards has reportedly banned them from seeing their grandchildren.

Through all the muck, Denise has reinforced that everything she does is for one simple reason: “I just have to try and stay focused on my kids .”

According to the same report, Denise’s camp says she wants the kids to have a relationship with Grandma and Grandpa Sheen.

While it’s been hard on both parties, Charlie’s’ “Two and a Half Men” co-star Jon Cryer told “Extra,” Charlie is tough. As he backed up his buddy, he made light of the dark situation. “I’m grateful to him for making my divorce look like so much fun,” he joked.

So what does TV’s toughest judge, Judge Judy, think of celebrities duking out their divorces in public? “I think it’s obnoxious,” she revealed.

Speaking of romances, one marriage that is still hot and heated is Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Bobby opens up on Monday to Tyra Banks about his secrets to wedded bliss with Whitney: don’t fight her!

“I’m not going to fight her back because I’m scared,” he joked. “I might go back to jail.”

While Bobby avoids those cold steel bars, Ms. Janet Jackson looks like she’s been lifting them, looking sexier than ever as she stepped out on the town.

The fabulous Janet is about to turn 40, and she looked hotter than ever Thursday night as caught up with her and super producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri in Hollywood.

Her new single, “Call on Me,” drops next month.

Happily married couple Julia Roberts and Danny Moder avoided the mob scene in New York as they arrived for her guest spot on David Letterman’s late night laugh fest for the first time in a couple years.

Inside, Julia played matchmaker for one of her twins, joking that they should date Letterman's own son. “Hazel and Harry, isn’t that cute?” she said.

Ms. Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton are prepping to join the married crowd, but before they tie the knot they have to get through Ashton Kutcher!

The prankster played a hoax on the engaged songbird and his less than “Desperate” darling, but the duo proved that a laugh can take you a long way.

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