Inside the David-Denise Showdown
May 4, 2006

David Spade squared off yet again with the woman at the center of Hollywood's hottest tangled love affair: Denise Richards.

"I think Denise and I should talk this out," Spade joked on his nightly talk show, "The Showbiz Show with David Spade."

Just last week, in a comment that raged through the headlines, Spade attended an event solo and told the hovering press, "Heather's busy taking the knife out of her back."

Now David is slicing and dicing the whole real-life soap. "Listen, Denise. I'm sorry I said the thing about the knife, it was a joke," he publicly apologized.

But in Denise's all-new exclusive interview with, she revealed she's not laughing. "David Spade is saying stuff," she said. "It's a betrayal because a lot of it isn't true and they know that."

Denise's camp is reporting that Spade and Locklear started dating before Heather filed for divorce.

Even Charlie Sheen, who is under a temporary restraining order to stay away from Denise, hasn't been spared from Spade's ferocious sting. On his show, David pokes fun at the fact that Charlie is ordered by law to stand at least 30 feet from Denise and their children at all times.

But it looks like Charlie is getting within inches of a new girl. "Extra" spotted Sheen with a mystery blonde on Wednesday night. Has Charlie found a new angel?

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