Why Simon's Girlfriend Was Caught Kissing Randy Jackson
May 4, 2006

Who would have guessed Simon Cowell's girlfriend, our very own Terri Seymour, could cheat on Mr. Mean? Well, "Extra" caught Terri in a passionate lip lock with "Idol" judge Randy Jackson.

The bombshell photos even made the news in Los Angeles, and only "Extra" had Simon on the set, with Terri by his side, to see his reaction.

"Terri, I am hurt, humiliated," Cowell said.

But wait -- there's a secret behind this would-be scandal -- it's all a hoax! "Extra" put together the elaborate scheme to fake out the meanest man on TV, and his girlfriend and fellow "Idol" judges were all accomplices. Also in on the prank were our friends at LA's FOX 11, who shot the bogus newscast to bust Simon.

"You guys are good," Simon admitted.

Gotcha Simon! Now back to business…. Paris left the competition Wednesday night on "American Idol;" so does Simon have any predictions on who will walk away this year's "American Idol?"

"My favorites now have to be Chris or Taylor," Simon said. "With Katharine being the dark horse."

Meanwhile, Simon's other big show, "American Inventor," heats up Thursday night on ABC, as the judges send two contestants on to the final round.

"It is a very, very emotional episode," Cowell revealed.

But we had one more surprise up our sleeves for Simon -- our own invention that could come in handy on "Idol:" The Paula Muzzle. "It's a sock on a stick," Cowell said. "So you're suggesting I stuff this in Paula's mouth? Thank you, I'll hang on to that."

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