Wedding Plans for Tom and Katie?
May 31, 2005

A sea of fans rushed Tom Cruise's love, Katie Holmes, in Tokyo Monday night at the world premiere of "Batman Begins." And while Katie flew solo at the premiere, is it true that she's really living with Tom now?

Not really -- Us Weekly's Katrina Szish told us, "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have not confirmed that they are living together, however, sources very close to them say that she has basically moved in."

Fair enough, but what about word that the couple is engaged?

That's another official no. "There has yet to be a proposal, there has yet to be specific plans made, but again, Tom's friends say that he wants to marry Katie," Szish revealed.

So is Katie, a former Catholic school girl, converting to Scientology?

Yes -- according to Szish, "She has started to learn about it and explore the religion that is important to Tom."

Now on to another hot couple -- she shocked America with her secret wedding to country crooner Kenny Chesney, but does RenČe Zellweger keep losing her wedding ring?

Yes -- the Oscar winner admitted to Regis and Kelly Tuesday that, "I lose [my ring] four or five times a day."

She also admitted she's still trying to get used to calling Kenny her husband, saying, "It's taken some practice."

Finally, his trial is getting ready to wrap up this week, but is Michael Jackson now claiming he's the victim of a conspiracy?

Yes -- according to Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth, "His theory is there are people and forces who want to get a hold of his music catalogue, which is a major source of his wealth."

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