Corey's Final Words, An 'Idol' Arrested
May 27, 2005

He fired the first shots at "American Idol," but now former contestant Corey Clark tells "Extra" he just wants all the fighting to stop.

During our interview with the booted "Idol," his publicist advised him, "I donít want to go there." But Corey responded, "I donít care. This isnít your interview."

Over the objections of his publicist, Clark, who's working on a new music video, had a message for the folks at "American Idol:" "Stop talking about me. Stop bad mouthing me. Stop dragging my name through the mud."

Apparently Corey doesnít remember how the whole thing started: he went on national TV and claimed he had an affair with "Idol" Judge Paula Abdul -- not to mention his later comments about Ryan and Simon!

Meanwhile, another season two finalist, Kimberly Caldwell, is also getting some unwanted attention. The 23-year-old singer was arrested near Los Angeles on suspicion of drunk driving. She posted $5,000 bail.

Caldwell's rep issued this statement: "Kimberly is consulting a lawyer and disputing the charges."

She'll get to state her case in court on July 1st.


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