Burt Reynolds' Slap; Stewart's Baby News?
May 26, 2005

Thursday morning, "Good Morning America" replayed the tape of Burt Reynolds slapping an uninformed producer. The incident has been raising eyebrows and stirring comments around Hollywood, but the question remains: was Burt really angry with the guy?

No -- Burt explained himself to Diane Sawyer, saying, "I've been doing this for 40 years with people where you have fun with them and go, 'Come on!' -- like that. That was it. I'm dumb, but I'm not crazy. I wouldn't slap a guy on national TV."

Meanwhile, Diane Sawyer is at the center of another rumor. Did she just take an overseas trip with Brad Pitt?

Yes -- The two went to Africa as part of a June 7th "Primetime Live" special. Diane followed Pitt as he took a first-hand look at the problems of AIDS and poverty on the continent.

And from sexy actors to hot rockers, is 60-year-old Rod Stewart about to become a dad once again?

Yes -- According to British newspapers, Stewart's 34-year-old fianc»e Penny Lancaster is reportedly pregnant with their first child. Stewart has six other kids, including two with his ex, Rachel Hunter. But Stewart's people on this side of the Atlantic told "Extra" they know nothing about the story.

And finally, is actor Steven Culp, who played Rex on "Desperate Housewives," upset about being killed off?

No -- Culp visited our studio and told us he's used to it after being killed off of "JAG" last year. "If you want a good May sweeps, call Steven Culp on your show and he'll give you a good death," Culp joked.

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