The End of the 'Newlyweds?' Burt's Big Slap?
May 25, 2005

The rumors never stop in Hollywood and "Extra" never stops working to keep them under control. Some big brawls are making the news, but hereís the truth behind the headlinesÖ

A recent report on the Web claimed "Newlyweds" Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had filed for divorce. Big buzz, but was it true?

No -- though the story broke on a reputable website, the coupleís camp claims it's totally false, and they threatened to sue. In fact, we tracked down Jessica in Los Angeles where she proudly showed off her wedding ring. "See, weíre still married," she told us.

Meanwhile, across Tinseltown, word was Burt Reynolds slapped an interviewer while at the premiere of his new movie, "The Longest Yard." Was the fracas factual?

Yes -- Burt was in a good mood when he spoke to us on the red carpet, but when he was talking to a CBS producer the star seemed to get a bit testy.

When the interviewer asked Burt, "Tell us a little bit about the movie," Burt shot back: "Well, donít you know anything about the movie? Then what the hell are you asking me for?"

When the interviewer tried to continue, "Whatís your point of view on--" Burt cut him off. "Have you seen the original?" Burt interjected, slapping the man.

So was Burt really angry or just having fun? "Fun," says Reynoldsí spokesman, who issued this statement: "Burt playfully tapped the producer on the cheek as if to say, ëWell, thatís not very nice.í He was kidding."

He also told "Extra" that he's shocked CBS exaggerated the incident. The network would only say, "Weíre looking into what happened, and we have no further comment."

Immediately after the event, Burt told "Extra," "What the hell kind of guy are you? Heís never seen the frigginí original! He asks me to tell him about the movie. Heís standing there in a shirt that needs ironing. The man works for CBS. I'm embarrassed. I like the guy. He's a nice guy. He's a tough guy. He wants to hit me now, but he can't because he's under contract, but we'll meet later if he wants."

In less lighthearted news, Michael Jackson has said he could never call Neverland home again, but if he's acquitted, will the King of Pop leave the country all together?

No -- Despite reports that Jackson will immediately move to Europe or Africa, his publicists told "Extra" that he's not leaving the U.S. But that didn't stop Jay Leno, who testified at the trial Tuesday, from having some fun with it Tuesday night on his show.

"He wants to disappear in Africa," Leno joked. "He has a better chance of disappearing in Sweden!"

And finally, the matriarch of the Osbourne family is known for being one tough mama, so did Sharon Osbourne really get into a water fight in the streets of London?

Yes -- It seems a TV reporter asked Sharon a question and then proceeded to spray her with water. Sharon is always game for a fight, and she grabbed a bucket full of water from a nearby restaurant and let it fly.

Tune in to "Extra" to see the footage of Burtís belt and Sharon getting wet and wild, Wednesday night!


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