'Idol' Insider: And Then There Was One!
May 25, 2005

The final songs have been sung and the final votes have been cast, but backstage at "American Idol" the battle is just beginning. Yes, Simon and Paula are at it again, this time with Paula commenting that she fears Simonís comments during Tuesday nightís final sing-off between Carrie and Bo influenced the all-important final vote.

"I could just smack him," Paula fumed of Simonís comments to the contestants. "I don't think it helps when Simon says, ëYou just sang good enough to win,í the whole competition."

So what does Simon have to say to Paulaís complaints? "Oh what a shame," he snapped. "Who cares!?"

But does he really think he should be saying things like that for the final? Said Simon: "UhÖ Judge? Mouth? Opinion? Yes!"

Ryan and Randy meanwhile took the high road. "I donít vote," Ryan insisted. "I would just feel so strange standing up there knowing I had picked one or the other."

"I think it's anybody's call right now," Jackson insisted. "This is the night of their lives."

As for the two in the middle of "Idol's" most competitive season ever, they're feeling the heat of the big finale. "Iím nervous," Bo admitted.

"It's up to America now, so we'll see," added Carrie.

The only sure thing is that both "Idol" contenders are emotionally drained. "My mom was crying right in front of me," Carrie recalled, explaining why she started crying onstage, Tuesday night. "It was just a combination of everything."

"I gave everything I had," Bo admitted. "At the end of the day, if I can look in the mirror, it's good."

And at the end of the night, even though only one will be our "American Idol," both Bo and Carrie will be winners with us.


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