Sela Wards is in the 'House'
May 24, 2005

Sela Ward is returning to series TV, joining the cast of the hit FOX medical drama, House." And when she stopped by "Extraís" studio, she told us that before she landed the role of the eccentric doctorís now-married ex-girlfriend, she was a huge fan of the show -- and breakout star Hugh Laurie.

"It is an awesome show," she said. "And I was so taken with him, his performance, because he is so refreshingly out of the box and so irreverent. I thought, ëGod I have to be on this show.í"

Sela plays Dr. Houseís soul mate on the show, and yet they are not together. "No, they broke up," Ward explained. "They havenít seen each other in five years. They were the loves of each others, and she comes back. Sheís gotten married in the meantime and something is wrong with her husband, thatís the only possibility House can figure out."

And after working on location all over the world for the last three years, Ward was happy to start guest-starring on a series at home. "I didnít realize how much I missed filming in Los Angeles," she admitted. "Being able to go home and sleep in your own bed. Iím loving it."

And we'll all love Sela as Dr. House tries to crack the case of his ex-girlfriendís husband, Tuesday night on the season finale.


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