'Idol' Insider: Final Favorites
May 24, 2005

The showdown of the year begins Tuesday night, and "Extra" is all over "American Idol" mania, with our two insiders, Jerry Penacoli and Terri Seymour, inside the Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

Only "Extra" spotted Carrie and Bo entering the theater Tuesday morning, as excitement over the final race reaches a fever-pitch, fueled by a flurry of last-minute celebrity betting.

Zach Braff predicted, "The cute country-singing blonde. She's going all the way."

"Bo sealed it," Ellen insisted.

"I like Bo Bice," agreed Jerry OíConnell.

But funnyman Chris Rock had another prediction: "Paula, sheís going to win!"

Meanwhile, early predictions arenít the only thing cooking at the Kodak Theater. Booted contestant Corey Clark has stirred up yet another "Idol" controversy, and Simon Cowell was scoffed when "Extraís" Terri Seymour (a.k.a. his girlfriend), asked about the disparaging remarks Clark made about him and host Ryan Seacrest.

"You know, Corey at this stage has to go back underneath his stone and stay there, because I think the public is bored of him now," Simon commented.

Mr. Mean turned back to something heíd much prefer to talk about: who will win Wednesday night. "I think it will come down to what happens on the night because all strange things could happen," Simon said. "If Carrie gets intimidated by the fact that the audience is going with Bo, she could lose it. Otherwise she gets more of a sympathy vote."

Meanwhile, Paula was a bit more direct in her pick: "I think it's been quite interesting how Bo has slowly picked up the pace and now has crept forward."

And Randy agreed, observing, "I think Bo has really crept up and itís neck to neck. Itís going to come down to the final duel at Diablo."

The showdown starts Tuesday night on FOX.


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