Blue Light Treatment
May 23, 2005

From Nicole and Angelina to Penélope and Halle, clear, beautiful skin tops the must-have list for Hollywood’s most radiant women, so when pimples pop up, you can imagine the panic. But now there’s a solution in sight -- or more accurately, in light.

When we met model and actress Donna Feldman was in panic mode over her skin. "I can’t afford to have any breakouts," she told us.

So Donna headed to dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman's office to check out the Blue Light acne treatment. "It can wipe away acne without having to use some of these harsh antibiotics and topical creams," Dr. Luftman explained.

The procedure is painless. Just sit in front of the blue light for about ten to 15 minutes. It kills bacteria that causes acne and there's no down time or harmful side effects. Dr. Luftman recommends six to eight treatments. The cost is $100 per treatment, and the result is clear skin for up to six months!

After six blue blasts Donna's skin was clear. So how does it feel under the light? "It was just a little bit warm and that's it," Donna revealed. "I think I look much better, now."


Dr. Debra Luftman
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