Fantasia's Fantastic Year
May 23, 2005

Exclusive: Who will follow Kelly, Ruben and Fantasia as the next "American Idol?" Weíll find out at the Kodak Theater in just two days. And to see what the winner has to look forward to, we caught up with last yearís "Idol," Fantasia Barrino, on the set of her new video.

"The title of the song is ëFree Yourself,í" Fantasia told us. "It basically talks about how the guy really doesn't pay attention like he used to. You know how it is, relationships."

But since being crowned "American Idol," Fantasia doesn't have to worry about being ignored in real life. "I've actually gotten to perform for Elton John," she revealed. "And I got an NAACP Award, and Oprah was right there in the front seat. A lot of doors are opening for me right now."

Fantasia is also embarking on a national tour and is writing a book about her life. "I've got a lot of stories to tell," she said. "I dropped out of school at a young age. I had a baby at a young age."

And as busy as this 20-year-old single mom is, sheís definitely making time Tuesday night to cheer on her favorite "Idol" in the finale. "I do have a favorite," she admitted. "Bo, youíre my baby. I love you, Bo. Iím sorry, I just love Bo. Heís just got this bad-boy rockish thing, and heís got the long hair and all the girls love him. But heís mine!"

Fantasia's "Free Yourself" will debut on AOL Wednesday, the same night the new "American Idol" will be crowned.

And Tuesday on "Extra," weíre back at the Kodak Theater for last-minute predictions from the judges and the ultimate preview of the finale.


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