'Idol' Insider: The Bosses Bash Back
May 20, 2005

It's part two of our exclusive interview with the "American Idol" family -- or, as producer Ken Warwick put it, "The most dysfunctional family you'll ever meet!"

Never before have Simon, Paula , Ryan, the shows executive producers, Nigel Lythgoe, and Ken all gathered for a group interview on the Coca-cola set, which has been off limits until now.

Randy and our own Terri Seymour were asking the questions, and Randy got Simon-ized! "You sit on that side of the sofa, you don't have an opinion," Simon quipped to his fellow judge. "You can't answer your own questions when you are doing the Randy and Terri show!"

And Randy also had to take some teasing by the bosses! "I've just listened to you speak for the last four minutes," Nigel laughed. "And it's the first time I've understood you in the last four years!"

"Now that they understand you, you're going to lose the job!" Ken added.

Early in the interview, before Paula joined the gang the executive producers revealed a surprise about Simon: "Idol's" judge dread almost never made to America: "We had to talk him into coming, and now he's part of the woodwork."

So does Simon ever thank Nigel and Kenny for making him the star he is?

"There are presents by the door, whenever you come in," Kevin admitted.

Added Nigel, "If there isn't a mirror in the room, he notices you and thanks you."

"His middle name is 'Give Back,'" Ryan chimed in, prompting Simon to respond, "I think the way you've been throwing some of the contestants off the show some would argue is a bit over the top."

And come next week, one more contestant will go in the final showdown between rocker Bo Bice and country girl Carrie Underwood. So do the judges have any predictions? Maybe not, but Paula told us, "I feel like this is going to be a great final."

America picks its newest "Idol," next Wednesday night on FOX.

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