Renée and Russell on Taking their Vows
May 20, 2005

The bell hasn't even been rung yet and people are already talking Oscar for the upcoming film, "Cinderella Man," which came as a shock to star Renée Zellweger when we told her about the buzz. "Wow, well, I've been gone, so I don't know anything about what they've been saying," she told us.

Well, "Gone," is one way to describe Renée's top-secret marriage to country star Kenny Chesney recently, down in the Caribbean. "I guess the secret is out," Zellweger joked of the event and the coverage that followed.

Meanwhile, Renée's co-star Russell Crowe had plenty of congratulations to share when we sat down with him to talk about the movie. "The coolest thing is that it didn't get discovered," Crowe said of Renée's wedding. "She just got to do the thing she wanted to do in the place she wanted to do it, with the man she wanted to do it with."

But things weren't that easy when Crowe and his wife, Danielle Spencer, tied the knot 2003. "Basically my wife wanted to get married in Italy," Crowe recalled. "I was like, 'Baby, you're really putting us in a bad spot here.'"

But the ever-resourceful Russell had solution: build a chapel in his back yard. "Built a little bit of Italy in the Australian bush," Crowe revealed.

Speaking of married couples, the Oscar-winning actor plays Renée's on-screen husband In "Cinderella Man," the true story of boxer Jimmy Braddock's battle to hold his family together during the depression.

And recent daddy Russell has become quite the family man himself. His son, Charlie, is 16 months old. "The child has brought fullness into my life that I couldn't have anticipated," he told us. "Until you experience the simple joy of the first time he points at a seagull and says, 'Duck.' It's fascinating. He gets it."

And from family talk to movie talk, Zellweger admitted to us that she hadn't seen the full film yet. But she was sure of one thing: "I know I'm going to cry. I mean I read it, I played the scenes, I know what's going to happen. I know it's going to make me cry."

And we couldn't let Renée leave without a special wedding present from "Extra," as we gave her a specially framed version of her wedding pictures on the beach with Kenny.

Check out Renée and Russell on the big screen when "Cinderella Man" comes out swinging, June 3rd.

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