Tommy and Tara Engaged? Pam Fighting the Paparazzi?
May 19, 2005

The rumors are flying about your favorite stars, and from Los Angeles to London, "Extra" is working hard to set the record straight.

Tommy Lee and Tara Reid have looked an awful lot like a couple lately.

"He's a really, really fun person," Reid told us.

"Yeah, sheís fun," added Lee.

Okay -- but are the new reports that they're engaged true?

No -- we turned to Tommy's people for answers, who told us the two have no plans to get married.

And from Tommy to his ex, Pamela Anderson, is the "Stacked" star on a crusade against the paparazzi?

Yes -- Anderson has declared she won't do interviews any more with magazines that buy paparazzi photos. Recently, Pam told "Extra" the photographers even go after pictures of her kids, and she's fed up.

"They don't care," she insisted. "They're completely disrespectful."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, thereís buzz that Paris Hilton ran into a little trouble with the mayor of London. According to the story, Paris broke the law by feeding pigeons in the park. So is she really facing a fine?

No -- It turns out this story is all for the birds. Paris' people say she did not feed pigeons in London, but she did go there to promote her new perfume and pose with some of her British fans.

And finally, did Larry King get booted from the Michael Jackson trial?

Yes -- the talk show host arrived in court to be a defense witness for Jackson, but the judge ruled his testimony was "not relevant" and sent him on his way.

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