Hollywood's Top 3 Cosmetic Surgery Secrets
May 18, 2005

There's incredible pressure on celebs to look young and beautiful, so when it comes to makeovers, Tinseltown knows what's state-of-the-art. So what's the latest trend among Hollywood's nip/tuck set? Small procedures that make a big difference.

The A-listers head to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Toby Mayer, so we did too, for the inside word on how Hollywood defies aging.

"We do a lot of actors and actresses, and they don't want to have this pulled look," Dr. Mayer explained of his celeb clients willing to go under the knife. "They want smaller procedures, quicker recovery time and are starting a little bit younger."

Here are the top three procedures the stars are requesting:

Cheek Lift

During the endotine cheek lift, Dr. Mayer uses a special device to lift the cheek while avoiding that tight look. "These devices help us to slowly create a more natural look that people just don't notice," Dr. Mayer showed us. "They just think, 'Oh, I like the way you're wearing your hair.'"

Recovery time is remarkable. Just one week after her cheek lift, 45-year-old Michelle Payne says her face looks years younger. "It's better than I expected," she told us.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is another subtle surgery the stars are going for. The before and afters show the proof: no more turkey neck!

Brow Lift

Celebs are getting rid of sagging eyes with a brow lift. According to Dr. Mayer, "It's the most rejuvenating procedure I can do on someone."

Just one week after her procedure, 59-year-old Laura Sobell says there was no pain -- and a lot of gain. "I love it!" she exclaimed. "I'd do it again."

Contact Dr. Mayer for more information about these procedures and his practice:

The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
(310) 278-8823
800-854-8823 (toll-free)

The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery
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