'Idol' Insider: Simon's Last Call
May 18, 2005

Rocker Bo Bice ruled the "Idol" house Tuesday night, but Wednesday, "American Idol's" true alpha male, Simon Cowell, came to "Extra" to say this contest isn't over just yet.

The close contest has kept nearly 30 million viewers tuned in all season, but Simon revealed his suggestion to make TV's top reality show even better. "Clone me twice," he suggested. "Just me, me and me."

But seriously Simon, what's your "Idol" prophecy? "My guess is it's going to be Carrie and Bo in the finals," he predicted. "But if it is those two in the finals, we're going to walk in there next week and have absolutely no idea who's going to win."

Simon admitted that this has been one of his favorite "Idol" seasons ever. Meanwhile, fellow Judge Randy Jackson stopped by our studio to second that. "The reason I say that is that we had the best balance between male and female talent," Randy insisted.

We'll find out Wednesday night who makes it into the final two, but first we wanted to take a walk down memory lane with Mr. Mean. How well did he remember his best barbs? And how well do you?

To whom did Simon say "Now I know why there's a cow shortage in California?" Simon only laughed, but we know it was Ruben, when he sported a big leather suit.

Who did Simon accuse of sounding, "Like a cartoon character, like Donald Duck on helium?"

Simon couldn't recall that that quacker turned out to be the previous "Idol" winner, Fantasia.

And who was the target of this one: "It was rather like watching a washing powder commercial from 1965."

"That was Carrie, this year," Simon remembered.

And while "Idol's" almost over, we've got more "Insider" coming up. Don't miss "Extra" on Thursday as we pull off an "Idol" first: Simon and the whole "American Idol" crew, backstage in one room, delivering behind-the-scenes secrets.

Check out what the gang has to say about everything from the contestants to the voting and even the controversies -- catch it, Thursday!

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