Buddies Rock and Sandler Team Up for 'Longest Yard'
May 17, 2005

They may be throwing for "The Longest Yard," but "Extra's" Jon Kelley went the distance with longtime best buds Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

"This was probably the most fun I've ever had doing a movie," Rock admitted. "So I'm dissing everyone I did a movie with before.

Burt Reynolds, who starred in the 1974 comedy classic, suits up again for the remake, passing the torch -- and the praise -- to Rock and Sandler. "I think it's funnier than the first one," Burt told us. "I know it is."

And when it comes to being funny, Adam told us that working together made Rock elevate his game. "He knows when the Sandman is around, he has to step it up," Sandler said. "He also knows that you can only be so funny or the Sandman is gonna go in the editing room and take something out."

"People don't know David Spade was in 'Happy Gilmore,'" Rock joked. "Until he got too funny."

The comedy team of Sander and Rock are ready to rock the box office when "The Longest Yard" hits theaters Memorial Day weekend.

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