Dave Chappelle: Lost and Found
May 16, 2005

The rumors don't rest on the weekends, and "Extra" stays hard at work investigating the latest headlines on your favorite stars. So here's the newest edition of Rumor Control.

It's the Justin Timberlake rumor that has tongues wagging from France to Hollywood: but is it true? Did a British billionaire want the pop king to perform at his son's $7 million bar mitzvah in France?

No -- Justin's reps say the rumor is nonsense. But it could help explain those wedding rumors about Justin and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz. The bar mitzvah is at the exclusive Hotel du Cap, the same hotel that people thought Justin was headed to for a surprise wedding to Cameron.

Dave Chappelle's show has been delayed, and he has disappeared. So was it a drug problem? Perhaps a trip to a South African mental facility?

No on both counts -- The Comedy Central star told Time magazine he's just resting in South Africa with friends.

Chappelle admits he's stressed out and is unhappy about the direction of his hit show, but he's doing fine. Dave is not saying when he will return to the U.S. or to work on season three.

Did Kabbalah keep Madonna from serving on the Cannes Film Festival judge's panel?

Yes -- The festival reportedly extended the invite, but Madonna politely declined, citing conflicts with her Kabbalah obligations.

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