'Desperate' Secrets From the Man Who Knows: Marc Cherry
May 13, 2005

“Extra” has your sneak peek at the latest titillating twists and turns on Wisteria Lane.

Things really heat up on Sunday’s episode, as Edie tries to move in on Susan's newly rekindled romance with Mike the plumber, Eva's hubby gets all choked up as she stages a desperate departure and Bree breaks off her friendship with George.

And as the blockbuster show heads toward the big, top secret season finale next week, “Extra's” serving up some “Desperate” dish from two men in the know, star James Denton and creator Marc Cherry.

So what’s in store for the finale? “There are a number of ‘oh-my-god’ big jaw-dropping moments," James teased.

Though producers are playing it close to vest, shooting multiple endings for the finale, we got James to reveal one shocking scenario for him and his character: “Yes, there are some alternatives where Mike wouldn't be back."

And when it comes to the daddy of Gabrielle’s baby, Marc Cherry let us in on a bombshell. “I haven't decided the paternity yet," he revealed, telling us we wouldn’t find out in the finale. “Something else big happens but I haven't decided the paternity yet!"

Okay then, so what will he leave us in torment over during the summer? “A lot of the mystery of Mary Alice will be resolved but there are going to be ramifications of it that will carry on into Season Two,” said Marc.

And what about Rex and Bree? Will he drive her into George's arms? “I think by the end of this season Rex and Bree's marital problems will be resolved,” Marc admitted. “Then we'll be taking the Van de Kamp thing in a whole new direction.”

It looks like we’ve got even more “Desperate” shockers, catfights and cliffhangers to look forward to!

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