Extra 'Idol' Makeover: Simon
May 11, 2005

Simon Cowell says he wants perfection on stage -- but backstage at "Idol," Simon had a dirty little secret: his dressing room was a dump.

Simon took our Terry Seymour on a video tour so designer Michael Moloney could give the room an extreme makeover.

"Everything about this is hideous," Simon lamented to Michael. "From the furniture to the art to the chair to this to that -- you've got to help me here!"

And what would make Mr. Mean happy? "I want it to be English, warm, sexy... sort of like me really."

And Simon would brook no complaints on Michael's part. "And I don't want to hear you haven't got enough time, the budget isn't big enough," Simon warned. "This is important to me, Michael, it really is important."

Clearly Michael and his team of designers had their biggest challenge yet. Good thing Terry was on hand to help, with her insight into Simon's likes and dislikes.

The team and Terry set to work on Sir Simon's suite, tossing out the old and bringing in furnishings from Z Gallerie, bathroom accessories from Bed Bath & Beyond, a JVC LCD TV, and a state-of-the-art Mystic Tan booth.

"This is the fun part, seeing the room come together," Michael said. "All right guys, get the end tables, the coffee table and a merlot."

But there was no time for cocktails, because the British were coming -- the British were coming! And it was time to face the real music with the big reveal.

And Simon's verdict on his new digs? "Oh my god, I'm amazed!" he enthused.

"I was so worried," Michael admitted with relief. "You were the one that was really, really freaking me out."

"I can't believe it's the same, and I'm sounding like someone from ‘The Bachelor' now, when I'm saying ‘Oh my god,'" joked Simon.

And while he may have been speechless, even this amazing makeover couldn't keep sour Simon smiling for long. "Party's over," he quipped. "I want to find my phone now."

Our thanks to those who helped make over Simon's pad into a palace:

- All furniture provided by Z Gallierie -- www.zgallerie.com

- Bathroom accessories provided by Bed, Bath & Beyond -- www.bedbathandbeyond.com

- JVC 32-inch High Definition Plasma Screen TV -- www.jvc.com

- Mystic Tan Booth - www.mystictan.com

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