The Return of the Jedi Master
May 11, 2005

Samuel L. Jackson is back in action as Jedi warrior Mace Windu. Hollywood's $6 billion dollar man is about to add to his incredible box office career total, co-staring in the most anticipated movie of the year, "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith."

"This film is a lot more intense than the other films were," Jackson revealed. "Unfortunately, in this one, evil triumphs and we see it."

"Star Wars" fans are bracing for the inevitable death of Samuel's character, wondering how writer-director George Lucas will erase Mace. Sam has often been quoted as saying he didnít want his character to "go out like a punk." "I just said that to George, that I really want to go out with a bang," Jackson told our Tanika Ray. "Amazingly, he's open to suggestions in a lot of different ways. That's how I ended up with a purple lightsaber."

That purple lightsaber also made for one cool movie souvenir. "I have it at home. It's in a trophy case right now," Samuel revealed. "Stay out of my house!"

Mace Windu fights to the finish as the new "Star Wars" movie blasts into theaters May 19th.

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