Wynonna's An Open Book
May 11, 2005

From growing up in poverty to her relationships with her mother Naomi and her sister Ashley, and her own painful battle of the bulge, Wynonna Judd bared it all, only to "Extra."

We caught up with Wynonna as she rocked the house at Body Positives' 10th annual Night For Life private charity concert in Arizona, where she was singing to raise money to fight AIDS.

Wynonna's weight has been a big issue for her for as long as she's been around, so how does she deal with that? "I sing really well," Wynonna replied. "Once they get past 'oh, she's put on a few pounds,' they listen to my voice."

But what if she could be Ashley's size? "I have been," she revealed, but admitted, "I had a hard time being sexy and thin. My weight kept me grounded in a world that was so fluff, you know. It kept me from probably dying, seriously, because if it hadn't been for being grounded physically, I wouldn't have survived it, I don't think."

Wynonna told us her superstar sister has also helped her through the tough times, always cheering her on: "She'll say, 'you know, you look beautiful today,' and I'm like 'wow,' after I've beaten myself up for having had this and that to eat."

When it comes to eating, Wynonna candidly admitted, "We all have our addictions, but I'm getting better, I don't abuse food the way I used to "

And things have also changed between Wynonna and her mother Naomi. "We are walking a different walk right now," Wynonna said. "We are learning how to be mother and daughter in a different way. It's not about The Judds anymore, it's about Naomi and Wynonna."

Now Wynonna is opening the book on her incredible life story with her upcoming memoir "Coming Home." "It's everything you always wanted to know behind the scenes," Wynonna told us. "The life behind the Judd dynasty and what it was like being on welfare. It's about the joy and the sorrow of being gifted."

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