Consumer Reports Names the World's Top Diets
May 10, 2005

Jennifer Aniston is into The Zone, "Top Model" Tyra has turned to Atkins and Jessica Simpson serves up her own slim-down secret: "I do watch what I eat, I don't eat any sugar."

"All My Children's" resident hunk and our special correspondent Cameron Matheson is ab fabulous, and he credits Atkins with helping him nab his role on the soap. "Had I not gone on Atkins, I absolutely would not have gotten the part," he revealed.

The stars have their favorites, but are you trying to figure out which is the best diet for you? Now, the buyer's bible, Consumer Reports, gets the skinny on the great weight debate.

"We decided to put diets to the test," Consumer Reports Senior Editor Nancy Metcalf told us. The magazine rated the top five diets based on their nutritional value and effectiveness.

#5: The Atkins Diet

It's a popular diet that's successful for many, but there are drawbacks: "It's not a diet that people can stay on for a long time," Metcalf noted. "Secondly, it's not very nutritionally balanced."

#4: The Ornish Diet -- it's heart-healthy and vegetarian.

#3: The Zone

Metcalf says this high-protein, high-fiber diet, "Has got the right amount of calories, and the short and long-term results are pretty good."

#2: the meal replacement Slim Fast Diet.

But the king of all weight loss plans, according to consumer reports, is the diet that took the Duchess of York from Fat to Fabulous: the world's #1 diet: Weight Watchers.

So when it comes to shedding the pounds, the magazine consumers believe in has weighed in.

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