Simon Says Clark's A Creep
May 10, 2005

"I dread answering my phone every morning, now," Simon Cowell revealed as he broke his silence for the first time, only to "Extra" about the sex scandal that rocked "American Idol."

"The waiting was worse than the actual event," Simon admitted. "Because there had been so much expectation about this, and we thought, 'What have they got? Have they been bugging my dressing room?' And it was nothing."

Simon told our Terri Seymour that the biggest revelation in "Primetime's" investigation was that Corey Clark is a creep. "It was just somebody using her to get a lot of publicity for an appalling record, full stop," Simon insisted.

Clark, who is now releasing a song called "Paulatics," swore to our Tanika Ray that he's telling the truth about his affair with Paula, even though he was kicked off the show for lying about his criminal record.

"She shouldn't get fired," Corey said about Paula. "They're keeping felons on the show. She didn't do nothing but have sex with somebody. Know what I'm saying? Everybody has sex."

And when Terri noted to Simon that most people seem very pro-Paula, he responded, "When a guy like that has a go at her, you're always going to feel sorry for the girl, but it's made it more interesting, hasn't it?"

Interest turns back into a singing competition, Tuesday night on FOX.

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