London Calling for Jennifer Aniston?
May 9, 2005

Hollywood rumors never stop, so "Extra" keeps on getting to the bottom of each and every one of them. From London to LA, here's the latest edition of Rumor Control:

Photos of Jennifer Aniston arriving in London last week fueled a thousand rumors. So is the superstar really planning to move across the pond?

No -- According to published reports, Jennifer was thinking about buying a $5 million house in Kensington. But we called her people who say the story is a load of rubbish. Aniston is happy in America.

Meanwhile closer to home, the buzz in New York is about Bill Clinton and a hot rumor involving the former president and a movie star's wife. So is it true -- did Mr. Clinton really take an interest in Brendan Fraser's wife?

Yes -- but only if you take the movie star's word for it. In the new issue of Elle magazine, Fraser claims it happened at a White House event when Mr. Clinton was still in office. He says the president was chatting up his wife so much that the secret service tried to steer her away from him.

And from a former president to a former trial, are there really secret jailhouse tapes of Robert Blake?

Yes -- and "Extra" has obtained a copy. In one revealing conversation, Blake speaks candidly about the case against him. "Involved in this case are about ten people and they're all very old," Blake says on the tape. "Like the two witnesses against me. The two stuntmen are both ancient."

Blake was acquitted of his wife's murder, but still faces a civil lawsuit and told us Monday that he'd like to settle.

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