Chris Rocks the Big Screen and Talks Stars
May 6, 2005

Chris Rock is teaming up with the voices of Ben Stiller and Jada Pinkett Smith for a tale of pampered New York Zoo animals that end up in the wild in "Madagascar." "Extra" got the scoop on the film, Oscar night and Paula's alleged "Idol" affair.

Jerry Penacoli: Was part of your motivation to do "Madagascar" for your kids?

Chris Rock: No, not really.

JP: Was it the money?

CR: I mean if they paid me $20 million to do a porno -- that would really take care of them a little more than this, right?

JP: But you would never do a porno, would you? Come on.

CR: No, no, maybe with Angelina Jolie I would. Or Paula Abdul.

JP: Speaking of Paula, care to weigh in on her alleged affair with former "Idol" contestant Corey Clark?

CR: I just wish she could choose me, I'm just jealous. I could have paid for my own car. I could have paid for my own cell phone. No, she's got to get this guy bad you know, Chico DeBarge. I'm right there, I love her. I've loved her since the '80s.

And from Paula to Oscar, how about those jokes that Chris made about Jude Law's overexposure at the movies this year?

JP: Sean Penn came to Jude's rescue on Oscar night, so obviously there were some people who thought you were kind of dissing him.

CR: I wasn't dissing. People are acting like I was talking about Clint Eastwood or you know a legend. It's Jude Law man.

JP: So have they approached you yet for next year's Oscars? Would you do it again?

CR: Ah, you know, if they ask, I would be honored to do the show again.

But for now, Chris is looking to animate your kids this summer with "Madagascar," opening May 27th.

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