Godmother Madonna? Colin Farrell's Grandmother Seduction?
May 5, 2005

The rumors never seem to stop in Tinseltown. Luckily "Extra" is there to set the record straight on your favorite stars. So here are the latest headlines, and the truth about each and every one of them.

He's the ultimate Hollywood player, but did Colin Farrell really try to seduce a 70-year-old grandmother?

Yes -- As the story goes, Farrell propositioned actress Eileen Atkins while the two were shooting a movie called, "Ask the Dust," due out later this year. Atkins went on a British TV show and confirmed the rumor.

She said Colin tried to persuade her to jump in the sack for two-and-a-half hours. She turned him down, but said it made her feel much better about turning 70.

Meanwhile, did Britney Spears beg Madonna to be her baby's godmother?

No -- According to published reports, Britney was devastated when Madonna said she couldn't do it because she was too busy. But we called Madonna to get to the bottom of the story, and she said no, it's not true, and that she was never asked.

And from babies to legal bombshells, Vincent Pastore is best known for playing Big Pussy on "The Sopranos," but now he's accused of going gangster on his ex-girlfriend, Lisa Regina. So has Pastore gotten an offer he can't refuse from prosecutors?

Yes -- Pastore was offered a deal in court Thursday: five days of community service and a domestic abuse program. So what does Pastore think about the deal?

"There's a bomb uptown," he said. "Why don't you guys go cover that?"

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