Why Pam's Parted With Her Party Girl Ways
May 4, 2005

She's beautiful, she's smart and she may be one of the sexiest people alive, so what do you say when Pam Anderson asks you to come to the set of her new sitcom? How about, "What time?" Our Mark McGrath got the chance to hit up the set of Pam's new sitcom, "Stacked."

Pam Anderson: Don't you feel uncomfortable because, you know, you and I have made out?

Mark McGrath: No, we haven't.

PA: Oh, okay...

MM: Have we?

PA: (laughs) No?

MM: I'd remember that.

Pam: Oh my god! I just wanted to get that out of the way.

MM: Okay, we did make out.

On the show, Pam plays a party girl working at a bookstore trying to straighten out her life.

MM: Is that a case of art imitating life?

PA: Haven't we had this conversation before behind closed doors?

MM: We may have.

PA: I don't know if it's art imitating life. I think It's coincidence.

Pam actually walked away from TV two years ago to do something very un-party girlish -- raise her two sons.

MM: How hands-on are you? Are you a team soccer mom? Are you into baseball?

PA: I am a baseball mom, a soccer mom; I am the mom with the cooler that matches her outfit. I am always at all the games. I couldn't imagine not being there.

MM: Now they are both eight and seven, are they at the age now where they are realizing Pam Anderson is their mother?

PA: A few years ago, when Brandon was at surf camp, he just came running up to me and says, "Are you Pamela Anderson? All those kids down there are calling you Pamela Anderson." What is that?"

MM: So he couldn't separate the two?

PA: He was like, "Why are they calling you that? Who is it?" That was when he was five or six. Now "Stacked" is on right after "American Idol," and he's telling everybody at school.

MM: Do you want to have more kids?

PA: Is this a proposal? I'd love to have a little girl, but I have a little niece. My brother has a daughter. Once you have two kids, especially my kids, you could have ten. So I could have some more.

Right now however, Pam only wants more episodes. "Stacked" is a bona fide hit for the FOX network and is moving in a groovy direction.

MM: Now, I hear you're having rockers on the show, but my phone -- fully operating, paid the bill -- is not ringing.

PA: Well, Steven Tyler answered first.

MM: Any big names?

PA: That's him.

MM: I know, I'm kidding.

PA: Well, you have to come and do one.

MM: How could I say "no" to you?

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